Jan. 1st, 2012

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2011 was never going to compare to 2010 and its high highs (Olympics) and low low (Mom dying). It wasn’t, however, a boring year either. Rather than troll my blogs (I have this one and a professional one) for “things” to write about, I’m gonna organize this somewhat organically.

Home: Life with [livejournal.com profile] querrelle is great. I love, like and respect him and he’s hawt. This is my first (and methinks only) experience with a long-term passionate and sexual partnership. We still turn each other’s cranks and make the earth move. We are also good friends—supportive and challenging when required—and are an excellent team. We do need to nest and tart this place up more this year: closets redone, a new bathtub, some new window coverings, perhaps more paint in more rooms (three are still the white from when we moved in in 2006). And I love that he’s building a relationship with the rest of my family. He also recently made ta doy faw Yorkshire puddings last week and I ate 5. So I owe him a few BJs…

Family: Dad is doing very well since Mom died. Having a close relationship with my sister’s kids helps a LOT. But he seems a bit restless in a good way: he’s looking at some snowbird options. We got him a Kindle for Christmas and he’s now read 3 books on it.  Soon he’ll be on Facebook and I will have to quit it…nah, not gonna happen. My chosen family here in Vancouver, though small, nurtures me like no other. Life without Boys’ Night Out would be sad and lonely.

Adventures: did a lot of travelling this year: almost 65,000km of flights. My volunteering in community-based research led to trips to Ottawa and Halifax. I presented at a conference in Serbia and tacked on travels through Bosnia and Croatia. Recently was Warsaw-Vilnius-Riga-Amsterdam, and “home” for the holidays. Oh and Iceland—that was OS-SOME!  But I also spent more on travel than I should’ve and will be dialing it back some this year. I’m also finding that as I get older my ability for adventures on my own is waning. Oh, and I suck at German. Ça ne me derange pas…  ;)

Health: After two winters of little exercise I’m already doing better this one. I have ice skating lessons each week, and have goals of one snowboard and one cross country ski trip each week. Been to Whistler once and may head up for the penultimate gay ski week weekend in February. AND I’ve cobbled together some downhill skis and am gonna give them another go. Every time I get up in the mountains and glide I’m reborn. Wednesday this week is looking very promising. I’ve also started back at the gym, though that will probably be perhaps once a week if I’m in the mountains as much as I hope. I need to transition this into summer activity though—blading and cycling. My cholesterol’s a bit elevated, as was my BP a few months ago. More exercise will mitigate both.

Work: aside from a knock back in the spring, my career is going well. My secondment has been “regularized” (nice raise too) and I feel valued and respected. I work with a great team—brilliant, good spirits, creative—which makes the odd tool on our team stand out like a sore thumb. I think 2012 is going to be even better.

Lifelong learning: German is a fail (OK a B, but that’s like a nerd fail). Donc j’espère à voyager à Québec pour un cours immersive dans la langue française. Concomitantment il y aura deux conferences academiques à Montréal en juin. Après l’été je déciderai si je continue à UBC en janvier 2013. N’importe: je continuerai quelque part.

2012: This is a leap year and a Dragon year. I’m a Pisces Dragon born the day before Leap Year Day and my sense is this will be a rockin’ good year in every respect. Just a hunch.

I wish you all a peaceful, profitable and stimulating 2012!


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