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The last of the good-bye meals was last night. The 3 suitcases are nearly packed; ditto the two carry-ons (yay for Gold status and extra luggage allowances). There's also the final load of laundry, tidying up, a quick grocery shop so Himself has some food when he gets back next week from his Dad's in Ireland. Then it's off to the airport late this arvo, a 14 hour flight, and a new phase of my life begins. Finally!
And yet, I feel profoundly sad. 
I came to Canada from the US in 1989 as a confused and troubled young man. That impulsive, badly executed move was, in hindsight, a turning point. 
Having brought a host of personal issues with me I quickly crashed and burned in a strange city and surprisingly strange country. I needed help--a lot of help--and received it. Government and community-based organizations were here for me and rather quickly I gained an equilibrium missing from my life 'til that point. Over the next two decades I was able to return to school, complete graduate studies and create a rewarding and enervating third career that's sustained me personally, professionally and economically ever since. And I've made the best friends I've ever had--family really. I also learnt how to snowboard, ski, cross-country ski and ice skate. And watch hockey and curling. :)

Canada made me. Canada has brought out the best of me. I shan't ever cease to be grateful for the privileges afforded to me by living in Canada and garnering Canadian citizenship.
As I move towards NZ I am leaving Canada, but not leaving Canada behind. Unlike many others my attachment to my homeland is marginal at best: aside from family I feel little attachment to the US. I am Canadian in my heart. And, I hope and pray, will always remain so.  Au revoir, à bientôt: until we see each other again, soon.
But I am *so* looking forward to that first flat white tomorrow. Um, er, the day after tomorrow, since I don't get a Thursday 06 September this year thanks to the International Date Line. ;)
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